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Works In Progress

These are My Cross Stitch Works In Progress:


Project Title Notes Current State Date Finished Image
Teacup Kitty by Margaret Sherry This was in Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue 82 as the Cover Gift. I'm going to turn it into a coaster when it is completed. Jun 12
Seaside Kingdom by Mirabilia How could I live by the sea and not stitch this design. It's currently out of print so I was able to get a copy from Ebay. I haven't bought any of the gems and shells that need to be attached to it yet, I thought I would try to nearly finish it before I lay out any expense. I am not attaching beads at present either. Jun 12
Pharoah's Pet This design is by Couchman Creations. Their website has gone now so I don't know what happened to them. I bought this chart in Olympia in 2002? Mar 12
Too Pooped   Mar 12
Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilia   tba Mar 12
Above the Clouds by Teresa Wentzler

I was given this Kit in trade for some UK Magazines. I've wanted to stitch it for years, and finally got around to doing it to fulfill a stitching request: a friend wanted a dragon. I tossed out the 18 count cream aida that was in the kit (YUK! 18 count Aida, are they nuts), and I'm stitching it on 32 Count Reflections fabric from Silkweaver instead. It's a FOTM special and doesn't have a name.

Now the "Friend" who wanted this won't speak to me. Would you bother carrying on stitching it? It's a shame because I was enjoying it too!

The more I stitch on this the more this dragon reminds me of Stretch

Above the Clouds by Teresa Wentzler Nov 05
Stargazer by Mirabilia

I've ordered both the material and the chart for this, so I'm in the process of stashing up!

There's something about this design that appeals to me, maybe because I'm an amateur astonomer myself, or was in my teenage years.

Jul 06
Computer Corners This is my new purse project now that the Mirabilia Cherub is finished. The best thing about having this as a purse project is that it doesn't need a frame or hoop as it's on plastic canvas. tba Feb 06
Satin Stitch Needle Work Bag This was the embroidery masterclass project during our stitching weekend in March Mar 05
Lavender Spray This was the hardanger masterclass project during our stitching weekend in March. Mar 05
The Cross Stitch Obsession II Group's Mystery Stitch-a-long#2

TDee of the Yahoo Group has started another Mystery Stitch a long.

We are being sent pattern parts every Saturday.

I am stitching mine on a piece of stone coloured 16 count aida.

I'm caught up with this now and waiting for new sections, there's been a bit of a delay because the organiser, TDee has been moving house, but at least it's given everyone a chance to catchup with this and the first MSAL, which I completed on 1st March.

Week 7

Week 6

Too Pooped

This is a dimensions kit by Charles Wysocki.

When I opened the thread pack last week and started pre-sorting out all the colours, they did seem a bit drab with just about every brown under the sun. But look at how the cat's rear end stands out.

I've done a little more to Poopy inbetween all my Xmas Cards. Progress at 17 hours.

Too Pooped at 13.5 hours Dec 03
Black and White Cat

I am sewing this design as it is reminiscent of a black and white cat I once owned "Topaz" who died in October 2000.

This Heritage Stitchcraft design was my first ever attempt at evenweave and I took to it like a duck to water.

Black and White Cat July 02
Home is Where the Cat is

With a house full of cats myself, it was hard to resist starting this design.

Unfortunately due to it's size and the fact that it is mounted on a lap frame, it's not very portable, so hence it tends to get left and is rapidly turning into a UFO.

Home is Where the Cat Is July 02
Stargazing Wizard

This the second project I attempted to do. Currently it is a UFO as I need to get hold of some speciality Krenik Blending Filaments to be able to complete it.

Because I'm using the wrong materials it's going to involve a massive unpick. Can you see why I've been putting it off?

It taught me one thing: always get all the right materials before you start a large project!

To finish this by the end of 2004 is my New Year's stitching resolution

Dec 00

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