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Margaret Sherry's Cross Stitch Designs

Who is Margaret Shery?

Margaret Sherry became an Art Teacher after leaving University. As well as her teaching career, she also worked as a freelance illustrator. Margaret's designs have appeared in childrens books, on greetings cards and kitchenware, and she now has her own publishing company.

The Cattitudes were originally a range of Magnificat greetings cards. Since I fell in love with these cute cats, I've been collecting some of these non-cross stitch items:

Cattitude Laptray, Sandwich Tray and Coaster
My Cattitude Laptray, Sandwich Tray and a Coaster of the Cuddly Cats.
I'd love to see Trampolining Cat (the one springing off the sofa) as a stitching design!

Enter the.... Margaret Sherry Cross Stitch Gallery

Full list of Margaret's Cross Stitch Designs: (Updated March 2004)

I need to do some serious updating to this list, however, whilst I was absent from the Net AngelSan made another Margaret Sherry Design List

Kits (Heritage Stitchcraft)

A good reliable online Cross Stitch supplier that I use myself is SewandSo.co.uk, I have found them 100% reliable!

Charts in Magazines

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To meet other Margaret Sherry Fans, there's a now a Yahoo Group dedicated to her designs:

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