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Completed in 2007

Name Notes Image
This is a Stoney Creek design from a leaflet called Wings of the Wild Afgan. Here is the completed piece with all four ducks, stitched on by Anne (it's owner) from Australia, Wendy from Canada, Lynn from the United states and me from the UK. It has been a truely international Round Robin. I finally finished stitching on Anne's Duck Round Robin which I started at Christmas. Since Christmas I've had a massive stitching slump caused by all the stress, chaos and long hours of moving offices at work - it's only been in the last few weeks (I must admit that Spring being in the air has helped as well - those long dark wet months made everyone so depressed) that I've felt like picking up a needle again.

It actually started because a friend cheekily asked me to repair a ripped item of clothing - but getting that needle in my hands must have worked because now I'm back to stitching again!

Home is Where the Cat is By Margaret Sherry

This was a from a kit by Heritage Stitchcraft.

I think Margaret is probably my favourite Cross Stitch designer because she captures such character in her animal designs. I love the cattitude designs best of all. This piece was supposed to have a caption "Home is Where the Cat Is" stitched above it, but I left it off because I think it looks fine as it is.

As soon as I saw this design I knew that I had to have it because it reminds me so much of my own cat Jade. He takes over the place too!

Eeyore This was a freebie off the front of a Stitching Magazine. I turned it into a coaster for a work colleague.

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