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Completed in 2006

Name Notes Image

Mirabilia Angel Cherub 2000

Completed 1/Feb/06

My third Mirabilia finish and my second Holiday Cherub. This is stitched on Lakeside Linen's 28 Count "Powder Puff" I started working on this on the 24th November 2005.

Mirabilia Angel Cherub

Playboy Bunny


This is the Playboy Bunny logo. I designed this myself using Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch Design software. It was dead easy to convert a graphic of the logo to the chart. This was a request stitch for Elise, the barmaid in my local!

Renee's Teapots

Completed 7/Feb/06

This is Renee's completed Tea Pot Round Robin for the Robin's Nest Open Theme No 3 Round Robin. The other two ladies who stitched on it were Cathy and Joanne.

Dawns Elemental Dragon RR

Completed 19/Mar/2006

Image hosted by Webshots.com This is Dawn's Elemental Dragon RR. These dragons are all Dragon Dreams designs. I changed the colours on this dragon by stitching his fins in metallic green. He would have been very dull otherwise, as he was all brown.
Image hosted by Webshots.com


Completed 10/May/06

This is a freebie design from Vermillion Stitchery. This is one of the designs from their new Birds and Butterflies Free Design series. You can download this and other charts in the series from this page.

I have stitched for a new Round Robin as organised by the Robin's Nest Board.

Golfing Coaster

Completed 14/May/06

I stiched this coaster as a birthday gift for my boss. He spends more time on the fairway than he does in the office!


Completed 26/May/06

I've picked a seaside theme for this new Robin, organised by the Cross Stitch Round Robins Yahoo Group. The crab chart came from Jayne Netley Mahew's Cross Stitch Animal Collection book.

Image hosted by Webshots.com

Lizzy Kate Summer Flip It

Complted 4/Sep/06

This is stitched on Lynn's fabric for the Robin's Nest Open Theme No 3 Round Robin Here is the final completed piece, together with my own addition of the Cornish St Pirran's Flag, it was supposed to be the Stars and Stripes.

Janlynn Seasonal Chairs (Winter Chair )

Completed 3/Oct/2006

This is a Janlynn design stitched on Veronica's Fabric for the Cross Stitch Round Robins RR5 Robin. Janlynn Winter Chair

The Prairie Schooler Country Seasons: Spring

Completed 16/Oct/2006

This is Wendy B's RR that I have stitched for the Robins Nest Open Theme RR 3. Wendy B's RR

Heart in Hand Wee Seasons: Winter

Completed 6/Nov/2006

I stitched this Heart in Hand design for Char's RR, as part of the Cross Stitch Round Robins RR5 group. This RR has gone a bit tits up really. I wondered why I even bothered.

Santorini by Michael Powell

Completed 21/Dec/2006

This is a Michael Powell design which appeared in The World of Cross Stitching issue 114. I had recently returned from an Aegeon cruising holiday and Santorini was one of the places that I visted on the trip and the design just screamed out "Stitch Me". I gave it to my holiday companion Pin, as a Christmas present. While I went climbing up the new landmass of the Nea Kamini volcano in the centre of the Caldera, Pin visited Oia Village and saw loads of these blue domed churches for real.

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