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Completed in 2005

Name Notes Image

Mirabilia Angel Cherub

Completed 12/Jan/05

This was my first ever Mirabilia design and it has given me the taste to do more. The chart was printed in The World of Cross Stitching Magazine December 2004 issue but it is also available for download of the Mirabilia Website.

I stitched the angel on Silkweaver's Reflection's 32 count Coral Crystals. In retrospect, I think a 28 count fabric might have been better as the beads did tend to bunch up a bit. Karen F also stitched this along with me.

Mirabilia Angel Cherub

Cautious Cat
Cattitudes RR

Completed 23/Jan/05

The ninth cat in the Cattitudes RR series, designed by Margaret Sherry.

This was stitched on Deborah's 18 Count Aida. This was the smallest count I've stitched a Cattitude on yet so far.

Cautious Cat

Canterbury Bell Fairy


This was a free DMC cover kit given away in last year's World of Cross Stitching Magazine. I stitched this as a purse project for the most part during my lunchtimes at work. Canterbury Bell Fairy

Contentious Cat


This is the tenth cat in the Cattidudes RR series, designed by Margaret Sherry. I stitched this on Nicole's 14 count Aida.

For the first time, as I was signing it off, I stitched the Cornish Flag instead of the traditional Union Jack. Before I moved here I didn't even know that Cornwall had it's own flag.

Contentious Cat

Sparkling Waters by Sheila Hudson

Completed 5/6/2005

I started stitching this in March. This is the third in the series that I've stitched by Sheila Hudson, including Mount Fuji and the Amalfi Coast. All three designs were printed in Cross Stitch Collection Magazine over the past 2 year period. I seem to be averaging one of her designs a year.

Tom Mouse Country Companions Cover Kit


I've been stitching this for months as my purse project but finally finished it while I was away on holiday in Lanzarote.

Tigger Bookmark

Cover Kit


I stitched the bulk of this during my journey home from Lanzarote on that disatrous train ride. You can read all about this on my blog. Finished it off yesterday evening when I got home.

Solo the Cat

Round Robin

Completed 5/10/2005

Solo is an Anchor Coat's Crafts design which was printed in Cross Stitcher Magazine in May 2005. I stitched this on Kiwi Jo's blue 28 count Joblean evenweave as part of the Stitching Blogger's Round Robin. Solo - click to enlarge

Autumnal RR


This is Cathy's Autumnal RR for the Stitching Blogger's Round Robin.

Skating Santa


This is another one of my Aunt's unfinished pieces. Jean got as far as this by the end of 2003:

But she got bogged down stitching his white beard on the sparkly white fabric and put it to one side.

I've completed it for her.

Jean's Skating Santa

Mermaid Queen



I just checked back on my Stitching Blog and discovered that I started this project on the 10th April. This is Mirabilia's Mermaid Queen design and I purchased the chart when I went away to the stitching retreat weekend in March. The fabric is 32 Count Reflection's Ocean. Mirabilia's Mermaid Queen

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