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Completed in 2004

Name Notes Image
African Elephants

This was started by my Aunty Jean last autumn. Unfortunately she died of cancer this summer and never got the chance to finish it off. This is how far she got with the project and I took it from there:

It was strange stitching something that someone else had started. Jean stitched in the opposite way to me, and no matter how I tried I kept automatically switching to my normal method of stitching. I can tell on the finished design exactly where I stitched and where she stitched just by looking at the stitches. I hope Jean is pleased with my finished elephants, whereever she is now. I also have another couple of her projects which need finishing off too. It's one of the few things I've got now to remember her by, apart from my memory of a lovely lady.

African Elephants
Marlin This was a freebie cover kit of the father fish from Finding Nemo. I love that movie. Marlin
Amalfi Coast This is a Sheila Hudson design which appeared in Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. I started this design in early March - but because of a multitude of personal problems it took me until August to finish it. Amalfi Coast

"Stretch" The Magic Dragon by Teresa Wentzler

Completed 17th March 2004

This is a freebie design, which you can download here.

I stitched this on Silkweaver's 28 count "Melon Twinkle" in their Reflections range of fabrics.

I Stitched this as a Stitch-a-long with the Stitching Dragons Yahoo Group, which started on 24th January. About 40 hours of stitching time have gone into this.

Stretch SAL


Easter RR

Grey & White Bunny

This is stitched on Sandra Lewis' RR which is 16 count white aida. Sandra Lewis's Material

Mushroom Fairy Coaster

Completed on 12th March 2004

I stitched this for a coster Exchange on the Small Exchange Stitching Group. The wings are stitched with Kreinik Blending Filament.

Here is the coaster that I received from Sandra Ward in the exchange:

Sandra Ward's Coaster

Mushroom Fairy Coaster

Pot Purri Cattitude

Completed on 9th March 2004

This is a Margaret Sherry design and it appeared in March 2004's Your Cat Magazine.

I stitched this on 28 "Little Boy Blue" cashel linen.

Pot Purri Cattitude

A Stitcher's Blessing Sampler by Jennifer Aitkin-Smith of Dragon Dreams

Completed on
1 March 2004

I stitched this design for a Mystery Stitch-A-Long, which was organised by members of the Cross Stitch Obsession II Yahoo Group. We started this on x November and it took a total of 17 weeks.

Each week we received the stitches for just one colour thread, so it took an awfly long time before the design started coming into focus. In fact, it was only with week 14 and the introduction of the dark blue borders that I was convinced it was a sampler at all. To see how the design built up week by week, have a look at the weekly progress shots in my Webshots Album.

I am currently undertaking another MSAL with this group. Progress of that can be seen in my WIPs.

A Stitcher's Blessing Sampler

Easter RR

Spring Lamb

This is a spring lamb I stitched from last March's Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. This piece of material is 14 count Rainbow Flecked Aida and belongs to Suzi Hornsby, Spring Lamb

Cuddly Cats
- Cattitudes RR

Completed on 30/1/04

This is stitched on Tammy's 16 count cream aida. The cats took me about 24 hours to complete, but that was really going for it. If you want to see more of these images, including what the fabric looks like with six cats stitched on it, have a look at my RR WIP section. Cuddly Cats

Ed in the Snow

A Country Companions cover kit

Completed on 30/1/04

This was given away with the World of Cross Stitching Magazine. As is the usual practice with these free kits, I ran out of a couple of the colours, but as they are everyday DMC colours it was easy to replace them. Ed in the Snow
Mystery Coaster for Stitching and Stash's Valentine's Exchange This is the coaster I received from Lisa for the Stitching and Stash Group's Valentine Coaster Exchange. A beautiful black work heart. Lisa's Coaster
This is the coaster I stitched for the Stitching and Stash Group's Valentine Coaster Exchange, which I sent to Eleanor. Butterfly Coaster
Heart Coaster I stitched this for the above exchange, but found the colours to be so "me", i.e. lilacs, that I couldn't bear to part with it and gave it to my other half as an early valentines day gift Heart Coaster
Easter RR: Jessica Rabbit This is an RSPCA design which I stitched for my starting section of a 4-woman Easter Themed Round Robin. I completed this design on the 15th January, but since then I have been stitching the pink-chequed border around her. I've used a whole skein of pink so far on the border and it's getting close to the time to send her off, so I'll complete the border around the other three designs when I get the material back at the end of the summer. Jessica Rabbit
All Our Yesterday's Cover Kit

My first finish of 2004, completed on 13th January. I only stitched on this piece at work and I completed it in a week; it stitched up very quickly. This cover kit was a freebie with October 2003's edition of The World of Cross Stitching. I did have some accidents with the cover mount though, first of all, I got it caught in the zip of my small project purse and tore a piece of the edge. Then, on the day I finished it, I dropped the entire purse containing my chart printout, threads and the already damaged mount in a bucket of soapy water! Fortunately I kept hold of the stitching which stayed dry. When I got home, I finished of the last of the backstitch, and after trying to dry off the mount, gave it up as a bad job and scanned myself a new one from the image in the magazine. You'd never know, except I've just given the game away! lol

AOY Girl Paddling - Framed

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