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Completed in 2002

Name Notes Image
Santa and Tree Christmas Card I stitched this on Hardanger for my mother. If anyone can come up with a plausible reason why Santa is wearing pink marigolds, I'd love to know, but I followed the chart exactly.
Bunny in Hat Christmas Card I stitched this for Karen, who has a bunny of her own.
Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Card I stitched this for my Aunt and Uncle. There is an "in" joke behind this card. I goes back to the summer when my Uncle Frank thought he'd play a little joke by hanging an Apple and a Pear on his underproducing apple tree. Needless to say, I didn't fall for his prank, but some people did. As his apple tree wasn't producing fruit, I bought him a pear tree for his birthday in October and hence this card too.
Ginger Kitten Christmas Card I stitched this in December for my friend Jared McLaughlin, (a.k.a. Chester Cat) who is definitely a cat person.
Wile E. Coyote Bookmark This was a Designer Stitches Kit and my first ever bookmark. It only took a week or so to do, too.
Family Christmas RR

This Round Robin was based on Christmas Themes and it was a first for Edna, Jean and Karen.

The Finished RRs are below, they were all stitched between the months of September to November:

My Christmas RR


Edna's RR


Jean's RR


Karen's RR




Koala Christmas Card I stitched this in October for my friend Ted Scribner in Australia. The Koala seemed somewhat appropriate.
Santa Face Christmas Card I stitched this in September for my friend Carol Phillips in the US. I also used this design on one of my Christmas Round Robins.
Christmas Fairy

Believe it or not, I started this design in December 2001 and it was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my friend Cheryl. Let's just say she got it real late as I didn't finish it until the 19th September.

I got really bogged down sewing it in December as it was on 18 count.

Beau My Aunt has a Seal Point Persian named Beau. This design seemed appropriate as a birthday card. Beau
Bagpuss Coaster This Bagpuss Kit was a free gift with Cross Stitcher Magazine. Boy was this a toughy to sew too, 18 count material and fractionals too. Still it gave me a taste for 18 count and gave me enough incentive to get back to working on Cheryl's Angel (above). Completed in July. Bagpuss
Cat Ball This was a birthday card for my friend Spud who is into cats and football, both in a big way. Cat Ball

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