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Completed in 2001

Name Notes Image
Robin This was a Christmas present for my mother. Robin
Blue Tit This was a Christmas present for my Aunty Jean. Blue Tit
ANN Beginner's Round Robin

This was the first Round Robin that I was involved with, and it started in the late summer of 2001. As it was the summer, I chose to the theme of Bears from around the World, a series of designs which were in Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. The other members of the Round Robin all stitched a Christmas theme. Here are pictures of the designs I stitched on the other RR pieces and below (when I get around to taking a photo) is my Bear RR returned to me. I really must find the time to frame this!

Christmas Stocking Blue Santa Snowman
Bears... tba
Sunflower Girl

This design was printed in issue three of Cross Stitch Gold, the first of these magazines that I'd bought.

The original design was supposed to have some bees buzzing around and spelling out "Welcome" but I thought it looked good enough as it was.

Sunflower Girl
Stonehenge This was a Kit that I bought at Hobby Craft. I thought it would make a great birthday gift for my friend Carol Phillips in Texas who is into all things Pagan. I completed this in October. Stonehenge

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