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Completed in 2000

Name Notes Image
Family of Frogs

This Frog Family came from a True Colours Chart. This was really easy to work from as it was in full colour.

I completed the Mum and Dad frog in May 2000, then moved on to stitch their kids!

The picture is in two colours as I scanned the image in two parts and had to rejoin them, shows how long ago this was as now I've got my digital camera to take care of business.

Frog Mummy and Daddy

After finishing the parent frogs, the kid frogs followed hot on their heels.

I remember taking the frog kiddie with the cap on holiday with me to stitch when we went to La Pineda, Cataluna in Spain. Unfortunately I managed to accidently "bin" my scissors on La Pineda beach so I had to buy some new ones mighty quick!

Frog Kid 1Frog Kid 2
Dove of Peace This design came from a Cross Stitch Book I picked up at a boot fair called "Sweeter than Rose". I originally sewed it for my mother, but it sat in my drawer unframed until 2002. Ooops. Dove of Peace

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