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Welcome to my Cross Stitching web pages. I hope that these pages can become a web-based record of my stitching exploits, challenges and acquaintences.

You might like to start browsing through these pages by checking my Stitching Diary, or Works-In-Progress pages. Alternatively, there is a year by year (I can't believe that I've been stitching for twelve years now) breakdown of everything I have stitched so far:

2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999

Wow - a four year break! But now I've started stitching again.

My latest Finish:
"Paradise Island" By Jill Gordon
Image hosted by Webshots.com

This is a Jill Gordon design which was published in a book called "Cross Stitch Pictures". I have also seen it featured in one of the Stitching Magazines.

My Favourite Designers

Margaret Sherry

I have several favourite designers, at the moment I seem to mostly stitch cats and I particularly like the illustrator Margaret Sherry's Cattitudes designs. My first introduction to these cats came when Cross Stitcher Magazine gave away a free calendar at the end of 2002. This featured 12 Cattitudes (not to be confused with the Jeanette Crew Cattitude leaflets), and my friend Piwi was so impressed with these designs that she decided to co-ordinate a Round Robin to stitch the cats. To see the current progress of this exchange, have a look at my WIP (work in progress) page. I took a picture of the first cat that I stitched for the exchange "Contented Cat", with my own Contented Cat, Jade, sprawled out on it. I sent it into the magazine and they printed it!

Margaret Sherry continued to produce designs throughout 2003, many of which which are marketed as kits by Heritage Stitchcraft, and others appeared in Future Publishing's Cross Stitcher and Quick and Easy magazines. There were more cats, including Crafty Cat (a black and white cat sitting on sewing) and Doggitude designs too. Margaret's latest range of kits, released towards the end of 2003 all featured horses.

In October 2003 Cross Stitcher gave away another freebie - this time a 15 month calendar of Margaret's designs this time featuring farm animals, hedgehogs, mice, bunnies and of course a few more cats. This Calendar was called "Country Friends". Petra, my friend from the online groups, stitched the first cat in this calendar, Scaredy Cat which is a cat in a pumpkin patch. Petra sent a picture of her stitching, together with her own cat posing next to it and it got printed in Cross Stitcher Magazine too. For more information about Margaret Sherry, please see this page or my Margaret Sherry Gallery.

Teresa Wentzler

Of course, Teresa is probably nearly everyone's favourite designer and probably needs no further introduction. If you're a cross-stitcher and you haven't heard of her - what rock have you just crawled out from? Teresa designs lots of fairy tale designs with dragons and princesses in them. Her designs are often really challenging to stitch as they involve blended threads and fractional stitches aplenty.

Teresa has her own website and bulletin board:

So far I've only completed two of her freebie designs "Tempest in a Teacup" (above) and Stretch (left). But I am also stitching "Above the Clouds" at the moment too, see my Work In Progress page for the latest updates.

In my stash, I have Teresa's Egyptian Sampler and Tapestry Cat and a miniture of the famous Castle design to stitch. Can't wait to start any of these, but I must finish off some of my other UFO's first!!

Pamela Kellogg

I fell in love with Pam Kellogg's Cats in Hats designs which are freebies, which I stitched in a RR with family members last year. I also purchased "Victoria" in the series because it looks like my own Chinchilla Persian, Dyson. However, Dyson is a very stuffy and over-opinionated cat and he'd rather be seen dead than wear a big hat with a feather. I guess this just adds to the appeal of the design.

Pamela has her own website and bulletin board

At the moment I'm participating in a Stitching Blogger's Round Robin, and the theme I've chosen for my piece is more cats in hats.

Charles Wysocki

Finally, I name the illustrator Charles Wysocki among my favourites. I'm currently stitching "Too Pooped" (when I get the chance) and have "Frederick the Literate" in my stash. On my wish list are his other two cat-designs, Maggie the Messmaker and Max in the Ardrinocks. Sadly Charles passed away in 2002, so there'll be no more cat designs.


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